Position - Member of the Colour Recovery Working Group.

Employment – Senior Devloper in the BT Broadcast TV Solutions Team, who support BT Media and Broadcast.

Background – I have been writing software professionally for over 10 years. For the past 8 of those years, I've been working in a video related team at BT, so have a reasonable amount of vide expertise. Most of my recent programming expertise is in straight C, but I have done a lot of C++ programming in the past. I have some mathematics background, through an engineering degree, but my maths is very rusty.

Interest in the Group - I regularly read the Doctor Who Technical Forum and saw James Insell’s postings proposing setting up the group. As its a subject area that has fascinated me since before the setup of the group, I offered to help in whatever capacity I would be useful, though I expect that my expertise will be dwarfed by some of the other Gurus involved.

Skills offered - C/C++ development, general video expertise.